Too Busy To Rest – November Blog

Too Busy To Rest – November Blog

Dear people,

Life in our context of the world seems to be weighed down with being busy, especially during the holiday season. Sometimes when we want a break from the busyness, we can feel bad, because we can think that we are being lazy. However, if God rested then we too can make time to find rest in our lives.

Dear people, our lives can be so busy that it feels like we are creating a universe of our own. I bet a good portion of the people reading this blog are thinking about other things right now, and cannot rest as they read this blog.

As people are pulled from one place to the other, a word of advice can be, it is important to find somewhere that can give peace. Somewhere that will be excited to see you when you come. A place that can calm the heart and give comfort for the soul, a place that one can feel loved unconditionally.

See, that is why the church exists. Not because it is a place of judgment, anger, or hurt. The story of the church is grounded in mercy, justice, love, and peace. It is about God’s amazing grace that gives us a second chance repeatedly, and it is about God’s unconditional love for all people, especially during the busyness of life.

We can find peace through Jesus’ story. Jesus story is good news for the unrest that is in our souls. Come make time for Jesus this Christmas and you will find peace, especially during the busiest moments of your life. Come find the peace that waits for you in Jesus name.

Peace be with you,

Steve Bogie Pastor