Gloria Dei Baptism

We are a church whose unity is in Jesus Christ, who gathers us around word and water, wine and bread. Baptism is a significant part of our faith journey as we come from the baptismal waters to live a new life as children of God.

Our baptism sets us out on a lifelong journey that is characterized by our relationship to God, our relationship to our faith community, our relationships in our community and the wider world. Living our baptismal covenant means living a life of growth in the faith practices of discipleship.

Who Can Be Baptized?

In our tradition, we baptize both infants and adults. We baptize infants with trust in the Holy Spirit to live in and create faith in those who are baptized. We baptize adults who wish to join our congregation and have not been baptized in a Christian church. (If you were baptized in a different Christian tradition, you don’t need to be baptized again.)

We understand that God saves us in Christ, beginning in baptism. The emphasis is on God’s actions and God’s promise to us, much as parents love an infant or toddler without the child earning it. Baptism joins us to the Body of Christ and makes us part of the community of the church.

It is important to schedule baptisms well in advance so that we can assure a date that works for you. You can contact our office by calling 262-251-7720.