What is Your Story?

God works through our story. We encourage you to appreciate your story, your experiences, and how Jesus calls you to follow. When people ask questions about faith, they are not trying to downplay one’s belief. They may just want to know how God has called that particular person.

Therefore, answering these questions for yourself about why is church important, why is prayer important, and why is God important can help you better understand that having a faith life is something good. It is through the story of faith that one can answer the bigger questions about God and life. Share your story!

Yet, it is OK, if one cannot answer questions about God. The good news is we are not called to have all the answers about God, because we cannot have all the answers.

We are called to invite others to walk the path that God has called us to follow, which is based in love. But we are not called to have all the answers.